Top 3 Tips for Navigating Facebook’s Privacy Settings

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All businesses should be using Facebook to create and share unique, relevant content with their audience, drive traffic to their website, and boost their search rankings. But when using Facebook—for both business and pleasure—you need to be fully aware of the Privacy options that are available to you and how they can affect your search rankings. Here are the top 3 Privacy details that can affect your search rankings:

1. Who can see my future posts? This setting determines who can see your status updates. Your choices are Public (meaning anyone online), Friends (just people you’re friends with on Facebook) or custom (you can pick exactly who will see your updates). You can change this setting from your Privacy shortcut in the top right of your screen (see image below). If you choose Public, anything and everything you post to Facebook will be visible to anyone and everyone online. That means you need to think twice before posting. Every time you post, ask yourself: am I okay with everyone in the world seeing this? If not, you may want to change your settings to Friends or only post generic information.

2. Who can post to my company’s Facebook page? This setting determines who can post and/or add photos to your company’s Facebook wall, if anyone. For maximum engagement with your page, you should allow people to post on your wall and share photos of themselves engaging with your brand. To make sure these settings are enabled, go to your page’s general settings and select Posting Ability (see image below).

3. How can I block someone who’s posting damaging things to my Facebook page? A dissatisfied customer or client may use your Facebook page to reach out to you about something they want fixed. In that case, be sure to get the customer’s contact information and follow up with them offline to remedy the situation. But in the case that someone is abusing you online (often called “trolling”), Facebook allows you to block users. To do so, go to your page’s settings, then select Blocking from the left sidebar. Enter the person’s name or email, then click Block (see image below). This will block this person’s account from contacting you on Facebook in the future.

If you do not like being tracked by businesses based on your Facebook actions you can opt-out of social ad pairing.
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