How Do You Find Your Inner Drive?

Posted on: December 24th, 2016 by | Posted in blog

So you’re trying to get that dream job, start a business, or just trying to work out consistently. Everyone needs an inner drive. That passion to say “yes I will” versus “nope not today”.

But How?
We think too much… We try to impress others, and not ourselves. We aim too high, and don’t commit. We over complicate and make excuses.

Let’s take running for example. What are your inner thoughts before taking that first step. Maybe something like, “it’s too cold, I’m tired, I don’t want to look silly”. Are we falling into a thinking trap?

Instead of letting ourselves think thoughts like that, what if we switched gears, “I’m going to do this today because I will feel great when I’m done”. Or, “If I keep this up for a week, it will be easy”. Focus on the positives, and the outcomes.

If we are to be honest and committed to others, we first must commit to ourselves. Keep our own promises, start small and enjoy every single little win.

The dream might be to someday run a marathon, and that’s a great goal. But what is the goal today or this week? Do you have any? If not, you’re setting yourself up for failure because all you are focusing on is tomorrows dream, so why bother running today? People in eating contests break up food into smaller portions and trick their brain into focusing on one thing at a time!

I’ve found it helpful to also remind myself the very core reason why I do what I do. To use running again, I may not enjoy it in the moment, but when I remind myself that if I run today I will be better at my favorite sports tomorrow – I get pumped up. Because I think about the Ultimate Frisbee to be played and the snowboarding tricks to be learned, and I need physical fitness for those things to happen.

Hope that helped! Now that my goals are done for the day I’m going to go… Drive.
What sparks your inner drive?

I’ve recently found that trying new things and pushing myself past my comfort zone, (for myself not others) has given me a strong way to combat fear. Rock climbing has been a great example for me and new passion – each new hand hold I can grab that I couldn’t yesterday gives me motivation to move forwards! What things can you try that will push you just enough to grow the way you desire?

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